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Open Mindful to Dating & Relationships

So...let's talk about dating and relationships, one would think after being a teenager, completing college and living in NYC, Manhattan for 5 years, I would have figured this thing out.Does the Dating & Relationship process, change over time? Is Teen, College or Adult dating the most genuine? With our American digital world of instant and changing communication, which is the best method to build and further relationships? Do you prefer your mate actually phone dialed you? Left a voicemail? Do you prefer texting? Facebook chatting and messages? Or should dating and relationships use a combo of them all?Or do you not do dating, and perhaps have found a way to skip it all. Are you an Instant gratification type person, whom then loves and enjoy their solitude. Just like they told us in Kindergarten, "Everyone individually is SPECIAL" I think our teachers were right.Each person, myself included in this world, enjoys different aspects of life. Should your mate, girlfriend …

Live the Globe!

Am I a grateful, proud & honest Amercian, yes! Yet the topic and theme today is to discuss being OPEN MINDFUL to people from FOREIGN COUNTRIES and to living in foreign countries.Would you, or have you ever desired to be a dual citizen or live in a different country? If so which one? I believe we should be open mindful to people & citizenry from other foreign countries. They should live here, we could live there? Why not?Recently, I went on a vacation to the Mexican Carribean. It was stellar! I was surprised to realize and meet so many people from different foreign countries. For example, while staying in Playa Del Carmen, the most popular tourist countries were Isreal, Norway, Argentina, Sweden, and Canada. It was more of a melting pot than the USA! What I continued to learn, is that all humans are fairly similar to their core. They all want to live well, be treated equally, and engage with thoughtful friendly people. This lesson proved beneficial for me in my trip.In a spec…