"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" @ 2nd floor BookPeople Western Philosophy section

"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" on the 2nd floor @ BookPeople. 

Western Philosophy section.

Venture to Austin and Texas's best and largest independent bookstore, BOOKPEOPLE.

Walk up to the second floor, then find "Open Mindful" in the Western Philosophy book section. 

My 1st book is still there for sale, "Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly". click here to buy online, LuLu link. 

In-Store SPEAKING appearance June 15th, 7 pm, 2nd Floor @ BOOKPEOPLE Downtown Austin, Texas

In Store SPEAKING appearance June 15th, 7 pm, 2nd Floor @ BOOKPEOPLE Downtown Austin, Texas

Friday June 15th, 7 pm. 2nd floor. AUTHOR evening & panel! featuring....
George Vance McGee Author of "Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" & "Attractive Tales from Grand Cities, a Social Memoir."
Darrell Bryant Author of "Geronimo's Bones"

Friday, June 15th, 7 pm. 2nd Floor @BOOKPEOPLE, Downtown, Austin, TX. Come in person to celebrate, and interactively  engage with the 2 person AUTHOR panel: LIVE Book excerpt Readings. Talks, Creative Insight, Q & A. Self Published, Indie  AUTHOR Advocacy!Progressive, Upbeat, Improvement Oriented thinking with FUN life stories sprinkled in!FREE, FREE, FREE to attend.June 15th, Friday 7 pm, 2nd floor, @ BOOKPEOPLE, Downtown Austin, TEXAS. seats and refreshments included! 

ANIMOTO, GVM BOOK AUTHOR promotional VIDEO! with Sound & Images

ANIMOTO, GVM BOOK AUTHOR promotional VIDEO! with Sound & Images.

Click here to VIEW and WATCH. 

A Self published video from an INDIE BOOK AUTHOR.

Click here to preview "Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" For Sale. With new edits, page numbering, book covers and more. 

Earnest BOOK REVIEWS are welcomed. To write me personally, send to

Thanks! Best Life Wishes!

Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly! New Book Cover, Chapter Index and Page Numbering.

Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly! New Book Cover and Chapter Index and Page Numbering!

The new front image book cover was kindly provided by Jonathan Vail Photography. The Interior Book pages and layout has been improved by Dynamic Graphics in Austin, Texas on 12th and Lamar. Dynamic Graphic is the best in my eyes. 

So, there you have it with a visually improved, page numbered and enhanced book revision to READ! Still for Sale ONLINE everywhere,,, etc and in Retail Stores @ BOOKPEOPLE. BookPeople is the largest independent Bookstore in Texas. It is located Downtown circa west 6th street and Lamar Boulevard.

Thanks for reading and being open to living an OPEN MINDED life.

"Open Mindful was birthed and commenced after the author was happily laid off once, from his Madison Avenue corporate job in New York City. This book is a fast moving chapter creation and journal. The main theme is for society and humanity to embrace free thinking.

Reader Reviews, cut and past…

The BOOK! Now for Sale on, & BOOK PEOPLE, Austin, Texas.


"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" The Book, Now Published....

"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" The Published Book. Now Active and For Sale in Local Austin Bookstores, coming soon to a marketplace near you. Also for sale on Coming soon to Amazon. comClick here for a direct link to a 2015 LIVE HOUSTON RADIO AM 950 Interview with Talk Host, Dave Outlaw and Author George Vance McGeeAbout Outlaw Dave. Radio Host. Be the voice of reason, in the sea of insanity. If you see a wrong, make it a right. If you get a chance to help a fellow human being, just do it. We're all part of this crazy, human, terminal experience and it may not seem this way to you, but the universe is unfolding exactly how it should be. And I know it to be true because I find myself living in a community of like-minded individuals who all have the same hopes, fears, dreams and ideals and I have. And together we can better this a better place to live.Read more: 713-212-5950 Email: outlawd…


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