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Confidence, Capitalism, Society

What is the difference between confidence and vanity? Is there an outright answer? A definitive solution and line? At what point has one "crossed the border?" I think we can agree vanity is NOT a good thing.

In regards to this confidence and vanity subject, it can be related to numerous aspects of our lives. For example it could relate to professional work positions, companies, accomplishments, and places. Perhaps it could be based on one's intellect? Cultured Mindset? Athletic Prowess? It could be as superficial as looks, physique and appearance.

What if you feel totally justifiable in this confidence and having the aura of being the best? For example, if you were in a room where no one has ever even attempted or accomplished what you have? Not even close? Does that make it okay? Should you hold it above people? Or should one pretend, play it cool and just roll with the crowd, punches and room? If your the most talented or attractive person in a place, should that ma…

The Southern Experience

The Southern Experience.

I am now officially 1 month and a week Happily removed from the mecca and whirlwind that is Manhattan.

Yes, I am pleasantly and happily surprised. The flight was looong. Yet, upon arriving in Texas, I was startled to realize how CLEAN, everything is here. The streets are immaculate. I sometimes wonder looking around and marvel at how this urban cleanliness is so easily and successfully achieved. I was used to seeing trash baskets every two steps and walking through litter, even in the best of neighborhoods up there. It must be a pride thing? A unity of the common residents and citizenry to preserve their grounds for the greater good. Overall, I remain and continue to be impressed!

Additional bonus points in the Southern Experience, include the SPACE and square footage of Everything. You name it, apartments, condos, retail stores, parks, movie-theaters, restaurants, cars, people, & all are much more spacious. No more cramming in tiny places. There is ROOM to …

the Art of Conversation

Greetings from a library on Madison Avenue in New York City.

In this fast paced, immensely and densely populated urban mecca, one is bound to inevitably engage in conversation. It is possible to go a day without physically talking to another human, yet this may not suit one's personality.

What do you like to talk and converse about? What are your favorite stories, topics, industries, and outlets for discussion? Do you mind talking about yourself? Or, are your more interested in others?

Personally, am proud of certain elements and life accomplishments achieved at youthful ages, thus far. Often, enjoy sharing them. For example, my southern Texan pride and mantras. Also, stories from being a guest attendant at in the Meatpacking District of New York City. Modeling on behalf of in Manhattan, and so

Yet, personal bios aside, believe being topical and "in the moment" may be the best way …

Forks in the Road..

As confident individuals of this earth, believe we make genuine, intelligent effort to look out for our best interests and well being? Wouldn't you all agree? You could compare individuals and their decision making prowess to being an advocate, politician or lobbyist?

I mean, most people would not consciously make an incorrect or harmful decision against themselves? At least not if they could control it?

Well, here is a question? Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in destiny? Or, are the aforementioned words and ideals, just hogwash? Are life outcomes in our hands? Who should we trust, or go to for decision making? Internal? External? Combination?

At the moment, am personally hopeful, yet a tad uncertain about what the proper and most advantageous choices out to be? A friend recently advised, that it's better to be proactive and DO SOMETHING, rather than simply contemplate and wonder? What do you think?

Well, I'm not sure, hopefully things will turn out for the greater…

Weekend of Promise & Atmosphere Change

It's like a page is immediately turned in the human and emotional psyche when Friday, after 5 pm hits. Isn't that true?? It's like you can feel the masses, people, businesses, workers, and environment ease up and prepare for the fun, and mix up.

Do you sense this change in the overall aura as well?

The physical wear and tear of the work week, concludes and thus permits the weekend. A time for it's constituents to roam loose. A mini-vacation, a hiatus if you will, from the jobs, and duties that support their lives and individual lifestyles.

For example, here in New York City and Manhattan, people are more casual. They walk more freely. Their attitudes passe and non inhibiting. A more welcoming, peaceful, carefree demeanor. While passing through Central Park, watched runners, couples, park "athletes", and tourists enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures and hopefulness of spring.

I am glad our American society has created THE WEEKEND, and feel we are ALL better fo…

Creativity, Opportunity, Wealth, Friends, Ambition,

In the United States, we are a diverse land of opportunity, classes, industries, economies and land. This is welcoming yet, also creates an ever changing and evolving environment. Is this a good thing? Do you like movement, change, newness?

Or, are you a person who likes and enjoys daily constants? Routines? Knowing people, places, and work to count on?

As the current economy climbs itself back UP, we are hopeful, positive and corrective. In my opinion and experience, mistakes, happen. Yet, the goal should be to learn, grow and become a better and more whole self from them.

Please take this posting and words as a simple reminder to stay positive, friendly, and strive to be the best person you can. I heard an inspirational song recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that propelled this hopefulness, and cheer.

In other developments, recently passed my New York State Real Estate exam and requirements, and am making progress towards putting this knowledge, experience, contacts, and ALL in…

The Weather Talk

Ahhh...The winter time and season is upon us in Manhattan. Are you a fan? Adversary? Does your city and region of the world experience this, courtesy of mother earth and our galaxy??

For me, like most items in life feel winter is a mixed bag. By no means, am I a doctor or scientist, yet somehow think the crisp, cool air is refreshing, while the limited sunlight is healthy and preserves our skin. Each person carries their own opinion. One individual's PERFECT weather may contrast distinctivelty with others. Individually, we each view the world, and its weather patterns and seasons differently. The phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" comes to mind. Yet I would translate this to "the perfect weather and season is in the eye of the beholder."

I've joked recently with a few fellow New York City residents and those outside of our busy, competitive, diverse streets, that the winter season was self created by the fashion and retail companies, in order for u…

New Year Resolutions, Changes, Advancement

2011, the year has arrived and is here. I mean honestly, we had the 90s, yet still have not garnered a name for this most previous decade. While at a diminutive, yet classy and charming spot in Nolita, overhead a fellow restaurateur while describing the decade from 2000-2009 refer to them as the "the Digits." What do you think? Catchy? Will the "Digits" stick?

The current years is here, and everyone seems very OPEN MINDED to change, new ideas, locations, careers, dating, lifestyle tweaks, relationships and all. Are you? Are these mutual sentiments in your world?

Dialing back, my recent New Years Eve night was SPECTACULAR. It was filled with joy, sets of pretty girls, pristine places, long time friends, immaculate views, beverages, singing and ohhhhh could I keep going? Yet won't.

Moving to the present, a new years resolution is to become financially liberated and formidable in the future. You'll notice I often boast of the Statue of Liberty and our personal fr…