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In the United States, we are a diverse land of opportunity, classes, industries, economies and land. This is welcoming yet, also creates an ever changing and evolving environment. Is this a good thing? Do you like movement, change, newness?

Or, are you a person who likes and enjoys daily constants? Routines? Knowing people, places, and work to count on?

As the current economy climbs itself back UP, we are hopeful, positive and corrective. In my opinion and experience, mistakes, happen. Yet, the goal should be to learn, grow and become a better and more whole self from them.

Please take this posting and words as a simple reminder to stay positive, friendly, and strive to be the best person you can. I heard an inspirational song recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that propelled this hopefulness, and cheer.

In other developments, recently passed my New York State Real Estate exam and requirements, and am making progress towards putting this knowledge, experience, contacts, and ALL into action. In addition, while cruising Tribeca recently ran into a our nation's actress of the year, Ms. Natalie Portman. Celebrity sightings in New York City are so FUN! The next sighting was today, I saw Mr. Keith Olberman strolling the Upper East Side with ease. I was such a fan of his, in his ESPN Sportscenter days.

To summarize, positive wishes to all, celebrities rock, real estate is cool, and Valentines is, and was RAD!!!


JohnnySAAS said…
I love this post! Attitude is everything!

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