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The Celebrity Factor

Do famous celebrities get you excited? Do celebrities ever influence your decision making or lifestyle choices? Have you ever met and been around a famous celebrity in person, and been aw-struck? Or do you care zilch about "celebrity power?"Personally, while living and working in New York City, and even here in Austin, Texas have had many a celebrity encounter. Some more welcoming, unique and memorable than the others. Personally, I think a celebrity run in, can be a cool thing, yet also reminds you, these FAMOUS people are simple humans just like you and I.I recall onetime riding a subway car on a dreary morning in Manhattan while Ethan Hawke, the well known actor, was sitting across the way in the same cabin. He carried the same ho-hum demeanor as everyone else on that train, just trying to get from point A to point B. Another celebrity subway ride included, the actor James Marsden. The interesting part of this run in, and why I remember it, is because my ex girlfriend in …

Dishing the Honest Truth

You may or may not recall in the film, "A Few Good Men" the stated line between Tom Cruise and Jack Nickolason where Jack's character states, "You Can't Handle the Truth." It is a legendary movie line.Personally I think this can relate to our modern day lives in society. Sometimes it seems like people are looking for comments that are warm and fuzzy & display nicely, but carry zero worth, sincerity or actual help. Children, and infants under the age of 18 maybe deserve these softball, comforting comments, as their egos are fragile and just beginning to emerge and develop. But as ADULTS, we should be able to dish the truth and take it in return. Yes, sometimes the HONEST TRUTH is painful and stings. On the flip, sometimes it is the BEST NEWS ever! For example, if a doctor tells you, "Jim, you have cancer", well the sooner you know, the sooner you can fight it and get rid of it. When a girlfriend tells you it's over and she is no longer in…

The LOVE game.

Love is a strong word, don't you think? I do, and use it very, very, very, rarely. Almost never actually. How often do you throw the L word around? It can be dangerous. Speaking from a male perspective, it can almost be used like a weapon. For example, using the L word with a girlfriend or potential spouse may be that sharp dagger or "ace in the hole" which puts your relationship over the top or dare I say, gets her back? Hmmm.Personally, in my life, I've had 3 different girlfriend relationships for 1 year in healthy duration, of which the L word was not used, at least on my end. I do not vividly recall ever using this L word with the girlfriends. I may have a couple times with these fine girls in a drunken stupor haze, or out of guilt. It is my opinion, that the word love, should be used only when spoken from the heart.Moving forward, other than humans. What else is there to Love? What do you Love? Would you say you love your job? Do you love your health? Do you love…