Dishing the Honest Truth

You may or may not recall in the film, "A Few Good Men" the stated line between Tom Cruise and Jack Nickolason where Jack's character states, "You Can't Handle the Truth." It is a legendary movie line.
Personally I think this can relate to our modern day lives in society. Sometimes it seems like people are looking for comments that are warm and fuzzy & display nicely, but carry zero worth, sincerity or actual help. Children, and infants under the age of 18 maybe deserve these softball, comforting comments, as their egos are fragile and just beginning to emerge and develop. But as ADULTS, we should be able to dish the truth and take it in return. Yes, sometimes the HONEST TRUTH is painful and stings. On the flip, sometimes it is the BEST NEWS ever!
For example, if a doctor tells you, "Jim, you have cancer", well the sooner you know, the sooner you can fight it and get rid of it. When a girlfriend tells you it's over and she is no longer interested in you, it can sting, but the sooner she tells you, the quicker you can be free and get back out there. For example, in your job, if your manager gives you the harsh truth, it is because they care and wish for your success to generate more money. In general sugar coating words have their place, and sometimes soft, indirect lobs and fruity wording can make things more comfortable. I think they call this being "Politically Correct."
I mean sometimes, the honest truth hurts. If someone is fat or overweight, maybe a true friend would tell them that. Say hey buddy, your unhealthy, overweight & fat. I care about you! Let's go exercise, get some sun, avoid diabetes, heart disease, and grab a beer later. Sometimes the honest truth is fantastic! For example when you get HIRED for a new job, or the object of your affection, says YES.
Just be truthful with your own self and with others. Any foundation for relationships should be based on truth. For example, in my current profession as a realtor, inspectors are major advocates for enforcement of the truth. If a potential buyer is about to purchase a home, they straight up deserve the real scoop and inside dirt on a property & potential big time purchase. Will the foundation hold? Is the air conditioner on it last legs? Does the roof need to be replaced?
How do you feel about the HONEST TRUTH? Comments below welcomed. Are you okay with hearing it? Or would you rather hear soft lies, and sugar-coated bland generic comments?
Maybe when and IF, the world shifts towards honesty, when you've actually done something great the admiration will feel warranted.
Moving along, perhaps personally in my 3rd decade of life, I have witnessed the wave of life's emotions & can handle the joy with the sad. I realize a yes or a no, are fragile and can change like the weather. My sound advice for you and myself is to try & keep an "EVEN KEEL" mindset. With an even-keel outlook, only then will you be steady. Thus in turn, like the Modest Mouse lyric, "We'll all float on okay."


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