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Well, it has come time to put up or shut up I'm afraid. Perhaps this may be a tad bit drastic yet, on this wave we call, "life," yet those are the current thoughts of the moment.

In so far as a week in review, overall, it has again been relatively positive. I've had better, believe me! Some of my weeks here, have been ridiculously fun and amazing. In comparison to the rest of the citizen folk, feel in general my life stories and experiences fare more fruitful and colorful than others.

In essence, I'm in kind of an identity where abouts and conundrum. For the present, am still a licensed real estate agent in Texas, yet do LIVE in New York City, which I adore! Now, that the weather is wonderful and summer is arriving on the island, have no desire to abandon it. The continuation of being in the parks, sitting in the cafes, and stores, enjoying the nightlife and visiting with people from around the world, is too splendid.

So the questions is, what is my role here in the…

More..and time to breathe?

The weekend has passed, yet the fun times do not. It is the city that never sleeps. Always something to do, new people to see and meet.

This weekend, I must admit was fast and furious. There was so much nightlife and a whirlwind of activity. Also, the weather here is amazing! I met a wonderful and likable girl at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. She really took a liking too me, and mentioned how LUCKY I was to be a single person living in the center of Manhattan. This made me not want to take it for granted. She was friendly, blonde, young and playful.

My southern hospitality is one thing that is foregin up here. It's like I'm the nice that guy that wins? Does this make sense? The girls and ladies must be used to the opposite, or perhaps the male psyche and manners need a makeover as whole?

Last night I met a friendly gentlemen visiting from England. He had the accent and everything. We chilled at my apartment for a bit. He told me about his trip to the Midwest. He liked Columbus, Ohio. …


The days continue to strum and hum along in New York City. I have been able to reconnect with previous friends and buds, while creating new ones along the way. In addition to relationships, enjoy the randomness and variety the city possess.

In addition, receiving updates from my promotional friends and buds has been so welcoming. They are wonderful at providing fun places and enjoyable and pretty nightlife, fashion and events. They have enjoyable occupations and am pleased to know them and join in the fun, every so often.

Having learned the way of the land here, and am quite successful at touring the city and getting places by foot or subway. Everything is so close, just a couple stops or blocks away. I honestly would be a superstar concierge or host to anyone visiting New York City to vacation or live.

The spring and summer are close and are very enjoyable seasons in the year. I enjoy being able to see people in the streets. It adds a positive and vibrant energy to the pace and scene.