More..and time to breathe?

The weekend has passed, yet the fun times do not. It is the city that never sleeps. Always something to do, new people to see and meet.

This weekend, I must admit was fast and furious. There was so much nightlife and a whirlwind of activity. Also, the weather here is amazing! I met a wonderful and likable girl at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. She really took a liking too me, and mentioned how LUCKY I was to be a single person living in the center of Manhattan. This made me not want to take it for granted. She was friendly, blonde, young and playful.

My southern hospitality is one thing that is foregin up here. It's like I'm the nice that guy that wins? Does this make sense? The girls and ladies must be used to the opposite, or perhaps the male psyche and manners need a makeover as whole?

Last night I met a friendly gentlemen visiting from England. He had the accent and everything. We chilled at my apartment for a bit. He told me about his trip to the Midwest. He liked Columbus, Ohio. We tried listening to Bloc Party and watching videos. I told him about my recent happenings and how enjoyable it is here. I also shared with him the last resort possibilities of 8th Avenue.

The parade in my neighborhood this weekend was excellent. I bought a T-shirt for my younger sister and witnessed first hand the diversity that lives around me. The streets were blocked off and people roamed around freely. It was excellent.

There's definitely more to say and write about, yet do blogs comes with ratings? Like in the movies? Should I keep this PG or can we bump it up to R sometimes?


Anonymous said…
1) If he's from England, he's not African-American.

2) We're all adults here, George. R. Definitely R.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a nice way to live. Open to making friends and hanging out. I am jealous.

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