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The Best VACATION ever.

Where, what and how did your "Best VACATION EVER" occur? Today let's be open mindful to taking a lifestyle break from the rat race to actually enjoy life. Are you a beach, mountain, city, foreign, or road trip type vacationer? Are you "OPEN MINDFUL" to different geographical settings for a vacation? Please tell me where your "BEST VACATION" occurred. Why was it so special? What happened? Personally, in my 3rd decade of living have been on 2 fairly epic vacations. the 1st, was when at the University of Texas graduate age of 22, my father and I flew into Cuba. Cuba was extremely different, fun, lively, beautiful, and cool. The tropical weather, beautiful women, and socialistic culture was fantastic to breath in 1st hand. Although the cars, buildings and exterior of Havana was aging quickly, the citizenry and vibe felt safe and easy going. I could see why the great writer Ernest Hemingway decided to call it home. Cuba had cigars, mopeds, nightlife, moji…

Brazen Confidence vs. Sublty Meek

Do you prefer your fellow humans to be blazing with CONFIDENCE or to carry a subtle MEEK tone? For example, Muhammad Ali would be a prime example of the alpha male, with supreme confidence. Muhammad Ali, for the younger folks was arguably the best sporting boxer of all time. Ali, verbally reminded us of his glory in front of the cameras and microphones often. Throughout life, his supreme confidence, glowing humorous personality, and athletic prowess was backed up. He was man whom could, "talk the talk & also walk the walk". Ali's outlandish confidence was not a deterrent. He was a popular American favorite in society. An example of a powerful meek personality, would be perhaps one of the greatest golfers of all time, the lefty Phil Mickelson. While his counter part, Tiger Woods was the Media, Nike Logo man, Phil pleasantly took a back-seat. While Tiger Woods pumped his fist, stared down opponents, and eventually was outed as a womaninzng porn loving adulterer, Phil s…