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Open Mindful to having FUN?

What is the best method, avenue, outlet and way to have FUN? For example, FUN to me, is a lengthy, entertaining, heavily populated, loud music driven, adventurous night, with ample "scenery", legal debauchery, and a slice of the unknown. During my 5 years of daily & nightly life in NYC, and currently Austin, Texas, this above scenario proves to be true & amazing as well. I have ridiculous stories of fantastic, that I may take to the grave. The nightlife, search, people, city action and randomness of it all is fun to me! What is your ideal description of FUN? Maybe Fun to you, is an exotic travel loaded trip or vacation? Perhaps Fun to you, is reading a riveting Book? Perhaps Fun to you, is a hike, bike or run in the nature covered outdoors? Perhaps fun to you, involves a night with best friends? Maybe FUN to you is the traditional entertainment of dinner and a movie? Thanks for sharing your comments! No matter what your ideal definition of fun is, we as a SOCI…

Open Mindful to Plastic Surgery?

How strongly do you feel about your outward appearance? Is your image directly correlated to your sense of well being and self worth? Or do you not care at all? It is a fact, that some citizens spend loads of money on clothes, beauty salons, teeth whitening, and even yes, plastic surgery. Would you personally ever go "under the knife" to adjust, edit and "fix" a personal physical attribute? This goes for both males and females. For example a woman with a plastic surgery nose, boob, face lift, or other plastic surgery job? For example a man, that may undergo a permanent body hair removal, hair transplant, botox or other procedures? Would you willing endure a plastic surgery procedure? Would you care if your romantic mate and partner had? Personally, I would NOT consider plastic surgery for myself or a mate. It would not be ideal. As a last resort, I would MAYBE consider plastic surgery. In so far as a personal romantic mate, most men would prefer a women au…

Open Mindful to New Cities? Travel?

Recently I embarked with one female former girlfriend and her bi-sexual female friend on a ROAD TRIP throughout a portion of the United States of America. We left Austin, Texas and began a trek through Houston, Texas, with a final destination being, New Orleans, Louisiana. Overall, it is a solid 8 hour excursion by quality automobile each way. As a full time, licensed real estate agent in Texas, working primarily in Austin, Texas, feel it is healthy to sometimes travel. It was enjoyable to witness the cultural and different diverse city layouts of other large metropolitan areas, during the driving trip. Are you OPEN MINDFUL to travel? Would you move to another city? Are you "married" to one particular place? Remember, we as Americans, have many freedoms, and we have the right to live in ANY location within the 50 total states. Yes there are 50. In my opinion, Houston, Texas was large, classy, tall, and expansive. There is no zoning there, so the urban landscape is s…