Open Mindful to Plastic Surgery?

How strongly do you feel about your outward appearance? Is your image directly correlated to your sense of well being and self worth? Or do you not care at all? It is a fact, that some citizens spend loads of money on clothes, beauty salons, teeth whitening, and even yes, plastic surgery. Would you personally ever go "under the knife" to adjust, edit and "fix" a personal physical attribute? This goes for both males and females. For example a woman with a plastic surgery nose, boob, face lift, or other plastic surgery job? For example a man, that may undergo a permanent body hair removal, hair transplant, botox or other procedures? Would you willing endure a plastic surgery procedure? Would you care if your romantic mate and partner had? Personally, I would NOT consider plastic surgery for myself or a mate. It would not be ideal. As a last resort, I would MAYBE consider plastic surgery. In so far as a personal romantic mate, most men would prefer a women au natural, yet I would be OPEN MINDED to a mate with cosmetic enhancements. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said…
I'm glad that you posted this :) I feel that cosmetic surgery is meant to make people feel better about their physical appearance, although it can be taken to major extremes which of course is unhealthy. Personally, I wouldn't want a mate who has had cosmetic surgery but to each their own.


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