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Would you ever Volunteer? Give to Charity?

As fellow Americans, we tend to gravitate towards the capitalistic & monetary lifestyle. In our constant working efforts to "keep up with the Jones'" we purchase new cars, homes, clothes, jewelry, bikes, boats, and more. All in thoughts, this is what life is about. We hope to make our lives happier, while presenting a healthy image. I too, am very guilty of this culture and enjoy working and earning money. Don't you? Although there was a previous time period where I did live off of unemployment checks in NYC for 1.5 years.. That was a unique and surprisingly superb period of my life too actually. Ask me, I'll tell ya about it. Moving along and forward to our subject....So once all of this wealth, success, and more is achieved, what is the more legit, honest, integrity filled way to manage our time?Are you OPEN MINDFUL to Charity? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to VOLUNTEERING?Currently I do not, but should we? Do you? Any suggestions or organizations for me? What is yo…

Ever been WRONG before?

Have you ever been flat out WRONG before? Was it a bad decision, lack of know how, an honest mistake or something else? I think, the point of this entry will be that it is OKAY sometimes to be wrong. As long as people own up to being wrong, learn from it, and do not repeat the same mistake, it should be understood. But, if a person, continues to repeat the SAME mistake, it might be time to let them go.For example, personally, I've been wrong before and believe we all have. For example, I've cheated on a girlfriend before, that was wrong. Yet it was in high school and I don't believe has been repeated since. Anther example, is being wrong in business. As a real estate agent, I try to help my clients the best way I can. I have been wrong a couple a times in negotiation, while trying to assist clients while getting a "deal" that is overly not necessary. Another example of being wrong, may be just saying the wrong thing. For example an inadvertent comment to a frien…

Let's all get active

As a former serious jock, sports, athletics, the outdoors and physical activity has always been welcomed and enjoyed. As a youth I religiously practiced basketball, football, baseball, and more..if there was a sport, I would play it! Do you currently exercise, and engage in athletics and sports? What are your favorites? Are you a tennis, yoga, biker, jogger, surfer, stand up paddle boarder, boxer, water skier or something else? What is your favorite form of physical activity? Is there something we are missing? Please enlighten the OPEN MINDFUL readership!Or do you enjoy just watching sports ant athletics? Do you engage in "fantasy" sports? Personally I enjoy fantasy leagues because, like social media, you feel more ENGAGED in the season.Physical exercise, is not only healthy and good for you, it can often be a way to meet new friends and feel part of a team. There can be friendly bonds made through exercise, sport and competition.Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to new, out…

Which Genres are you?

Recently, I've listened to suggestions of friends to be more open minded to different genres of style and entertainment. For example, a female friend professed her liking of "horror" movies, as we randomly walked past a street in my neighborhood called Elm Street. A reference to the Nightmare on Elm street films, one would assume.Personally I loathe scary movies, and there are other genres, I am not much a fan either. For example, although bearable with moments of goodness, country music is not one of my favorites. Also crime shows, I can't stand. In addition why does the news cover so much crime? This is a genre I have zero interest in. I would prefer to believe, people have good souls, don't commit crime and all is well in the world. What about more business and American entrepreneur spirit!In so far as positive genres, what are some of your favorite genres of music, entertainment, life, and all?Personally, some of my favorites are comedy, late night talk shows…