Which Genres are you?

Recently, I've listened to suggestions of friends to be more open minded to different genres of style and entertainment. For example, a female friend professed her liking of "horror" movies, as we randomly walked past a street in my neighborhood called Elm Street. A reference to the Nightmare on Elm street films, one would assume.
Personally I loathe scary movies, and there are other genres, I am not much a fan either. For example, although bearable with moments of goodness, country music is not one of my favorites. Also crime shows, I can't stand. In addition why does the news cover so much crime? This is a genre I have zero interest in. I would prefer to believe, people have good souls, don't commit crime and all is well in the world. What about more business and American entrepreneur spirit!
In so far as positive genres, what are some of your favorite genres of music, entertainment, life, and all?
Personally, some of my favorites are comedy, late night talk shows, talent shows, musical concerts, action adventure and the sorts. Anything that could somehow generate a smile or elicit happiness from me, is quality stuff.
What do you think? Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to different life GENRES!


Anonymous said…
I enjoy the POV genre.
Anonymous said…
my fav music genres are metal, grindcore, mathcore, and phsycho-billy. rock on!

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