Let's all get active

As a former serious jock, sports, athletics, the outdoors and physical activity has always been welcomed and enjoyed. As a youth I religiously practiced basketball, football, baseball, and more..if there was a sport, I would play it!
Do you currently exercise, and engage in athletics and sports? What are your favorites? Are you a tennis, yoga, biker, jogger, surfer, stand up paddle boarder, boxer, water skier or something else? What is your favorite form of physical activity? Is there something we are missing? Please enlighten the OPEN MINDFUL readership!
Or do you enjoy just watching sports ant athletics? Do you engage in "fantasy" sports? Personally I enjoy fantasy leagues because, like social media, you feel more ENGAGED in the season.
Physical exercise, is not only healthy and good for you, it can often be a way to meet new friends and feel part of a team. There can be friendly bonds made through exercise, sport and competition.
Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to new, outdoor activities and methods to exercise. Keep it fresh and mix it up.


Anonymous said…
"hobby-ville", meet "lets get active". SYNERGY!!!!
I was still contempleting the best title for this exercise athletic healthy active open mindful themed entry
Anonymous said…
Is the photo of someone driving through the mountains indicative of Open Mindful's stance on "Let's all get active"?
Anonymous said…
Open Mindful to Stand Your Ground laws??????
No ideas what "stand your ground" laws are? Hmm
This comment has been removed by the author.

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