Ever been WRONG before?

Have you ever been flat out WRONG before? Was it a bad decision, lack of know how, an honest mistake or something else? I think, the point of this entry will be that it is OKAY sometimes to be wrong. As long as people own up to being wrong, learn from it, and do not repeat the same mistake, it should be understood. But, if a person, continues to repeat the SAME mistake, it might be time to let them go.
For example, personally, I've been wrong before and believe we all have. For example, I've cheated on a girlfriend before, that was wrong. Yet it was in high school and I don't believe has been repeated since. Anther example, is being wrong in business. As a real estate agent, I try to help my clients the best way I can. I have been wrong a couple a times in negotiation, while trying to assist clients while getting a "deal" that is overly not necessary. Another example of being wrong, may be just saying the wrong thing. For example an inadvertent comment to a friend, neighbor or stranger. Perhaps a foul joke, you thought was funny, but no one else did.
Regardless, moving forward, if one says or does something wrong, it often times, can end up being okay. Yet, perhaps IF CORRECTED can strengthen someones soul, business acumen, loving relationships, bonds and more.
Have you ever been wrong? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to owning up to mistakes and becoming an OVERALL WELL ROUNDED BETTER PERSON? Let's stay OPEN MINDFUL to improvement.


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