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Open Mindful to Gun Control?

Obviously, as a free spirited American, I am an avid fan of the United States of America and it's constitution and freedoms. For example, this is a creative, thoughtful blog, and a real life example of the Constitution's 1st Amendment. This 1st Amendment gives us law abiding citizens, the rights and freedom to speech, religion and other items. Thus, I believe the Constitution is a very OLD and DATED document. As we are aware, our current world is always adapting & changing. The constitution, created in the years of the 1700s' is just plain old, antique like and in some cases, wrong. The point, I'm trying to make here, is the 2nd amendment, "the right to bear arms," i.e. guns & rifles, is no longer necessary. This right ought to be seriously adjusted to modern times. I think, it should be much more difficult to acquire and purchase guns. There should be new stringent laws, education and licensing required to become a gun owner. I also believe there s…

Does where you geographically live, change who you are?

Recently one of my closer and better friends from New York City noticed a change in my personal "look" & appearance, while socializing on facebook. Mind you, this friend of mine is very bi-sexual, and hooks up with both men and women. He suggested a previous different look of mine was preferential. I tried to inform him, that the current look, was an edgy, fun, hipster type thing. He disagreed & countered saying it was a completely Austin thing. Thus, this got me wondering again, are we OPEN MINDFUL to cultural and physical changes, depending on where we geographically live? Does where one live, alter their emotional and physically mindset and physical appearance? Like animals, yes we do physically adapt to our surroundings, and also can change culturally and physically to fit in. Like an actor or an actress, we are all capable of different looks! For example, would a rural culture, turn someone into a cowboy? Would an edgy, urban lifestyle strongly entice som…