Does where you geographically live, change who you are?

Recently one of my closer and better friends from New York City noticed a change in my personal "look" & appearance, while socializing on facebook. Mind you, this friend of mine is very bi-sexual, and hooks up with both men and women. He suggested a previous different look of mine was preferential. I tried to inform him, that the current look, was an edgy, fun, hipster type thing. He disagreed & countered saying it was a completely Austin thing. Thus, this got me wondering again, are we OPEN MINDFUL to cultural and physical changes, depending on where we geographically live? Does where one live, alter their emotional and physically mindset and physical appearance? Like animals, yes we do physically adapt to our surroundings, and also can change culturally and physically to fit in. Like an actor or an actress, we are all capable of different looks! For example, would a rural culture, turn someone into a cowboy? Would an edgy, urban lifestyle strongly entice someone to get a tattoo? Do citizens of Los Angeles, California, feel duped into plastic surgery? Would living in the states of Washington or Colorado, encourage you to be a pot head? So does where you live, change who you are? In my opinion, the answer is yes, but your core values, beliefs and personality should not sway.


Anonymous said…
"austin look", edgy or whatever, I like better, fits you.... Texas is best geographically always!
Thanks for the your is an individual style not...pre determined by geographical location?

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