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Are you a People Person?

Lately, I've noticed the mass number of sheer people, that have been moving to my humble city and hometown. I am no stranger to heavily and well populated cities as NYC was #1 in America and Austin is now #11. That's fine in this corner.So how do you feel about these large societies? Do you notice people? Or are you a small town soul? Do enjoy human interaction and people watching? Or are you more introverted and avoid human social contact? Would you consider yourself a harmless drifter, whom stays to themselves?Perhaps your level of People Notice, may depend on your occupation. For example, I'm guessing accountants and engineers require very little "people skills" yet, there are a number of occupations that rely on the ability to assimilate and work within society. For example these jobs may include sales people, politicians, advertising and marketing folks, hospitality and even more so, healthcare and medical professionals. Curiously, are you one to strike up a…

What do you love about a NEIGHBORHOOD?

What do you love about your current neighborhood? What do you loathe and hate? Describe a perfect neighborhood for us readers please!Let's remain, OPEN MINDFUL and share our favorite neighborhood ideals and best wishes.In my personal experience, I have previously lived in 2 to 5 neighborhoods for the majority of my life. They are as follows;Old Enfield Austin, Texas 18 yearsWest University of Texas Campus, 4 yearsSevilla Spain 1 summerWest Austin, 2 years.Hell's Kitchen, New York City, 5 yearsClarksville ATX 2.5 years.Miami, South Beach 2.5 weeks.I think we can learn something about life, and living from each different neighborhood. For example some of my favorite elements in a quality neighborhood are safety, proximity and location to the "center" of the city, walk-ability and ease of transportation. In addition a high level of attractiveness in neighbors & visitors is embraced. I mean who doesn't like to be around beautiful people?For example in a dream wor…

Finding the Perfect Mate!

Is Finding the Perfect Mate a myth? Is it possible? Are we as humans often guilty of "settling" when it comes to romantic partners, girlfriends and relationships? Do you have a type?Or are you like myself, and try to remain OPEN MINDFUL to the wide variety and ample number of "fish in the sea"For example, I recall visiting with one women at a fashion show, whom specifically was attracted to the dark skinned, muscle-builder type of man. For example she spoke of Vin Diesel and the Rock, as her celebrity crushes.So do you have a romantic type?Do you have age limits, requirements? Do you discriminate based on height? Hair Color? Eye Color? Level of Intelligence? Level of wealth? Sometimes I am guilty of restrictions, BUT yet honestly overall am genuine & believe we should all be OPEN MINDFUL To varieties in love! Do you agree? For example, as long as your happy, it should not matter if your romantic partner is of a certain religion or even of a certain national orig…

How much should we CARE? Do you care at all?

Lately, I've been watching television, the news, and of course I have been living in our modern American society. Personally, I have noticed a spotlight and showcase, towards these "HUMAN INTEREST & FEELINGS" stories.For example, the kids who volunteers for the homeless shelter. The stranger who donates a kidney to his neighbor. The university educated professor, whom teaches poor city youths part time. The Artist whom gives a free lesson and class to the public. Etc. Etc. Etc. Here is my inquiry and question for you, our loyal OPEN MINDFUL reader. How much should we care?How much do you care? I sometimes have a hard time finding these human interest stories compelling and usually would rather skip to a fresh entertainment story or watch some comedy or action. What do you think? Is this blinding of me?Also, another reason for this personal numbness to the human interest article, is that all of these "human interest" stories are BORING. Yes, they are often bo…