How much should we CARE? Do you care at all?

Lately, I've been watching television, the news, and of course I have been living in our modern American society. Personally, I have noticed a spotlight and showcase, towards these "HUMAN INTEREST & FEELINGS" stories.
For example, the kids who volunteers for the homeless shelter. The stranger who donates a kidney to his neighbor. The university educated professor, whom teaches poor city youths part time. The Artist whom gives a free lesson and class to the public. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Here is my inquiry and question for you, our loyal OPEN MINDFUL reader. How much should we care? How much do you care? I sometimes have a hard time finding these human interest stories compelling and usually would rather skip to a fresh entertainment story or watch some comedy or action. What do you think? Is this blinding of me?
Also, another reason for this personal numbness to the human interest article, is that all of these "human interest" stories are BORING. Yes, they are often boring. I usually do not care. Should I & should WE?
Personally, and you may feel the same, get so caught up in my own "world" of working residential real estate, serving clients, paying bills, credit cards, keeping up the savings, paying taxes, being healthy, keeping romantic relationships, biking, obtaining groceries, partying and just living my OWN LIFE, (YOLO reference insert here) to garner the energy to care about others? Perhaps, this lack of care in others human interest, helps describe my low "friend" count.
To summarize, should we as upright citizens be OPEN MINDFUL to others and genuine in our "CARE" for their life situation? Or like the bum asking for money on the corner, figure someone else will handle it? What do you think?
Personally, I think I have an honest heart, yet survival of the fittest in our American Capitialist economy, has focused my activities in a different direction.
As always, your thoughtful comments are welcomed, as we strive to always stay OPEN MINDFUL.


kesadler said…
George you ask a lot of really great questions. This blog always makes me stop and ponder things and look at the world a little bit differently. I feel like even if we don't have all the answers we get a little bit closer to truth by looking inside ourselves and evaluating why we do things. So I just wanted to say thank you and keep questioning!

And I think it is important to care for others because we're all connected and everyone is hurting in some way and I think it's our duty as humans to help each other and live a loving and caring life. But like you said, it's much easier to say that and sit back complacently then to actually get up and live it out. I think we have to start with ourselves and reach out in small ways, one small action can create another reaction that can in turn make waves of change. :)
Great Thoughtful Comment. The OPEN MINDFUL readership appreciates it.
Pocahontas said…
I think it's healthy to be aware of others acts in kindness and selflessness. Much like the attention given to criminals, terrorists, murderers.. the same should be displayed for those who are considered modern day heroes. Rome was not built in a day, the shape of humanity is calling for a change and we must be open to listen
Phoenix Venues said…
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