Finding the Perfect Mate!

Is Finding the Perfect Mate a myth? Is it possible? Are we as humans often guilty of "settling" when it comes to romantic partners, girlfriends and relationships? Do you have a type?
Or are you like myself, and try to remain OPEN MINDFUL to the wide variety and ample number of "fish in the sea"
For example, I recall visiting with one women at a fashion show, whom specifically was attracted to the dark skinned, muscle-builder type of man. For example she spoke of Vin Diesel and the Rock, as her celebrity crushes.
So do you have a romantic type? Do you have age limits, requirements? Do you discriminate based on height? Hair Color? Eye Color? Level of Intelligence? Level of wealth?
Sometimes I am guilty of restrictions, BUT yet honestly overall am genuine & believe we should all be OPEN MINDFUL To varieties in love! Do you agree? For example, as long as your happy, it should not matter if your romantic partner is of a certain religion or even of a certain national origin. I have dated a couple foreign girls. They are excellent as well!
To summarize, today's entry is to keep the horizon open and free, when is comes to your romantic partners, sometimes the best ones show up and happen, when you least expect it. Who knows, why limit your options in life?
Thanks for your honest, comments and thoughts on finding the perfect mate! If that is even really possible.


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