Are you a People Person?

Lately, I've noticed the mass number of sheer people, that have been moving to my humble city and hometown. I am no stranger to heavily and well populated cities as NYC was #1 in America and Austin is now #11. That's fine in this corner.
So how do you feel about these large societies? Do you notice people? Or are you a small town soul? Do enjoy human interaction and people watching? Or are you more introverted and avoid human social contact? Would you consider yourself a harmless drifter, whom stays to themselves?
Perhaps your level of People Notice, may depend on your occupation. For example, I'm guessing accountants and engineers require very little "people skills" yet, there are a number of occupations that rely on the ability to assimilate and work within society. For example these jobs may include sales people, politicians, advertising and marketing folks, hospitality and even more so, healthcare and medical professionals.
Curiously, are you one to strike up a conversation with a stranger? Are you outgoing and willing to branch out? Or are you content living in "your own small world." I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong answer to this question. What do you think? Do you like being a part of it ALLLL?
Personally, I am of the extrovert mode. I love the energy, vitality, and alive presence of society and people! They are for sure noticed. People can be noticed for numerous things such as their looks, style, appearence, physical stature, personality, and more. There are numerous ways to be an excellent part of the crowd. For example I've tried during various periods, sporting dreadlock hair, a shaved head, beards, fake tattoos, finger nail polish and many more.
To summarize, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to noticing people, yes meeting them, and enjoying our world together. Yet also, if your "soloville" is successfully comfortable to you, then do your thing, if it is working and your happy there.


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