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What is your HOBBY-ville?

Today's subject is HOBBIES.Are you OPEN MINDFUL to new activities and types of hobbies. We can all agree, that at least as adults, earning an income, working, paying bills & taxes is of paramount life importance. Yet once the bills are paid, the work is complete, and the day and night is still moving, what do you like to do?For example, some of my personal favorites hobbies are biking, sports, swimming, social media, blogging, basketball, nightlife, watching television, along with reading the abc and nytimes news applications on my iphone.What are your favorites hobbies? Any suggestions for us readers? Perhaps are you in a rut, or routine and feel the need to discover brave brand new leisure activities? For example, do you wish you were healthier, viewed more art, did yoga, or perhaps took more mini-vacations?Although, we each as individuals prefer our own hobbies, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to new activies in Hobbyville. We could be missing out? You will never know unless…

Learning the Open Mindful....

Today's subject is education, knowledge, and the continual growth of your brain power.It seems as adults, sometimes we feel that LEARNING is just for the youthful generation and that by this point, adults ought to have it figured out, and be content to merely educate and drop "experience" on others.It is my opinion that learning should never stop! From elementary to high school, to university and BEYOND, let's be open mindful to letting education continue.As we know, not all knowledge is book smart, in fact a large amount of success and professional progress is learned in the real world fields and trenches. This practical, marketplace knowledge is gained throughout the working world, along with valuable "street smarts."So how do you feel? Are you done with your education? Or can this entry encourage you and myself for sure included to remain OPEN MINDFUL to continued education, learning and brain improvements.

Kids? In the mood to have and raise?? Yes, No, Maybe so?

Are you OPEN MINDFUL to having children, babies, kids and such? Are you in a marriage, serious relationship and ready for this next step? Is having kids required? Could oneself live a content, satisfied and wonderful life, yet NEVER create and raise kids?Are kids cool? What is the best part about having and raising children and what are the worst? I'm gonna guess diaper duty. To me, their seems to be both constants and variables to parenthood, and human creation.Personally, I am very, very, very grateful that I have yet to create a child with a girl or women. Still baggage free in this corner! In the years of my post adolescence development, college, 20's and now, man stage, have not purposely nor accidentally created a child. I am also not sure 1. if I will ever get married, & 2. if I will ever have kids. Just things I think about. Do you ever have similar thoughts?If an accident were to happen, I am very much PRO CHOICE, and carry a PRO WOMEN outlook. I would easily be…

Are you a Foodie? What is your diet regimen?

Are you much of a foodie? What is your favorite type of food? Are you an American, Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Barb B Que, Chinese, Salad, or Seafood type? If so, why?Do you feel the food pyramid is still viable in modern times? Is it important to get a balance of food digestion from grains, to meats, sweets, fruits and vegetables?Are vegetarians and vegans just being weird to draw attention to themselves as UNIQUE?Also is the total number of times, permitted to eat during a 24 hour cycle important? Do you follow the breakfast, lunch and dinner eating model? Or are you like me, and just eat when your hungry.Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the diversity of foods, nutrition and various different eating styles?Personally, I do try to keep a balance and well rounded food intake style, and try to remember to eat fruits and vegetables. I do not follow the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner model, and simply eat when it is required and my body yearns for nutrients. Also personally, some of m…

MORALS.... Who is to Judge your Actions?

As we've discussed recently, each person is individually, physically and intellectually unique. What are your personal MORALS? Do you even have them? Should we, are they necessary?Let's not confuse morals with simply following the LAW. It is understood that the USA is a wonderful, prosperous splendid country with a plethora of freedoms. Of course, we are asked and try our best to faithfully follow our country's law and rules.But what about MORALS? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to morality? Whom is to judge what is right and wrong? Personally I would say just follow the Golden Rule. Simply treat others as you would like to be treated, with respect and kindness.Does having morals induce a better life? Often times, the BEST MOMENTS in my life, have occurred while having fun, living life with NO SHAME, and not upholding to a moral compass. For example, whimsical nights of care-free fun, randomness, friends, and newness. I do believe it is immoral to cheat on a spouse or real girlfrie…