Kids? In the mood to have and raise?? Yes, No, Maybe so?

Are you OPEN MINDFUL to having children, babies, kids and such? Are you in a marriage, serious relationship and ready for this next step? Is having kids required? Could oneself live a content, satisfied and wonderful life, yet NEVER create and raise kids?
Are kids cool? What is the best part about having and raising children and what are the worst? I'm gonna guess diaper duty. To me, their seems to be both constants and variables to parenthood, and human creation.
Personally, I am very, very, very grateful that I have yet to create a child with a girl or women. Still baggage free in this corner! In the years of my post adolescence development, college, 20's and now, man stage, have not purposely nor accidentally created a child. I am also not sure 1. if I will ever get married, & 2. if I will ever have kids. Just things I think about. Do you ever have similar thoughts?
If an accident were to happen, I am very much PRO CHOICE, and carry a PRO WOMEN outlook. I would easily be ready to spring into action to buy the morning after pill or drive the girl to a clinic. I do not feel ready, nor am wanting such increased responsibility.
This it the mantra for today. Tomorrow we shall OPEN MINDFULLY see??
Is marriage required to have kids and become a parent? Is being a single parent acceptable in our modern society? Would you be OPEN MINDFUL to this?


Anonymous said…
I am insane now.
Anonymous said…
"I would easily be ready to spring into action to buy the morning after pill or drive the girl to a clinic."

Wow, that's admirable...
Thanks for reading and commenting. I've been told that perhaps as a person & writer, it is "FILTER-LESS"
Anonymous said…
It appears you have aborted proper grammar and punctuation.

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