Are you a Foodie? What is your diet regimen?

Are you much of a foodie? What is your favorite type of food? Are you an American, Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Barb B Que, Chinese, Salad, or Seafood type? If so, why?
Do you feel the food pyramid is still viable in modern times? Is it important to get a balance of food digestion from grains, to meats, sweets, fruits and vegetables?
Are vegetarians and vegans just being weird to draw attention to themselves as UNIQUE?
Also is the total number of times, permitted to eat during a 24 hour cycle important? Do you follow the breakfast, lunch and dinner eating model? Or are you like me, and just eat when your hungry.
Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the diversity of foods, nutrition and various different eating styles?
Personally, I do try to keep a balance and well rounded food intake style, and try to remember to eat fruits and vegetables. I do not follow the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner model, and simply eat when it is required and my body yearns for nutrients. Also personally, some of my favorite foods are cheeseburgers, Mexican food, seafood and beer.
Thanks for sharing and being open mindful to each person's unique food and diet style. Just don't go overboard and become a classic, "fat American."


Anonymous said…
are you trying to be UNIQUE by not being a classic, fat American?
Anonymous said…
I like the idea of the 4th meal, when would it be?

Like BRUNCH, the mix between breakfast and lunch...

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