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What is your PERSONALITY mode or preference?

In so far as people, does PERSONALITY really matter? DO you care at all about a friend, family member or significant other's personality? Yes, No, Maybe So?I was for sure not a psychology major, but am OPEN MINDFUL to giving this a try.In so far as personality modes, is one more preferential or desirable than any other? For example;The Carefree easy going funny type? The serious, drama, cool person mode? The negative anti-hero persona? The sunny, positive, opportunistic positive face?With whom do you enjoy spending time with, in so far as personality types? With whom do enjoy life around more? Is their a BEST personality type?Overall, as a single male, looks and attractiveness always overide personality, but I would rank it a very strong #2. I mean, when is the last time you were physically at Bookpeople, or in line at the Grocery store, and saw a women's magazine highlighting PERSONALITY. They ought to create one! This seems to be a shame, because, girls and women can often h…

Open Mindful to BEAUTY?

What does the word BEAUTY and aura mean to you? Is there a way to define it? Does observance and ratings of BEAUTY differ from one person to the next? Probably so.As OPEN MINDFUL individuals we ought to embrace a constant shift to changes in beauty. Is BEAUTY defined by age? For example in women from 18 to 35? For example in Men, is there a ceiling or window in which a man is to be deemed attractive, handsome and good looking? Is their a Cap for men?Also in so far as diversity, how OPEN MINDFUL are we to diverse ethnicity, shapes, sizes, figures, skin tones, face structures, body types and more? Have you mistakenly narrowed your view on BEAUTY to a certain type? For example a girl recently told me, she was only interested in physically short statured, darker looking men. What does the whole wide word of BEAUTY mean to you?Hey it's a FREE COUNTRY, as this creation is a proud point to prove. You can like, Choose and GO FOR WHAT DESIRE! Isn't that in itself, a WONDERFUL way.…

How hard should we TRY?

How hard should people have to work and try for things in life? How much effort is deemed satisfactory for "hard work?"Should things come naturally?In one's personal life, how hard should you have to TRY to win the girl, date or relationship?Should profesional business come to you or be sought out?Do you ever get sick of trying?Well in my personal opinion, sometimes yes, I do get tired of trying. I wish things in life just came to me more easily, for example personal business, fun, friends, relationships, and more. If you or I, is so fantastic, shouldn't they just come to us? For some people it does! Right? Like celebrities, successful business people, and more. The only thing that comes naturally to me, is athletic prowess and moderate to good looks. Those are things that I don't have to try for.How do you feel about trying? Do you? IS there ever fault or blame in honest trying. In my humble opinion, it is better to continue to make honest efforts and TRY for th…

The Balance of Life

What exactly is the proper amount of balance in life between work, play, relationships, travel, family, fun, and all. Should there be defined boundaries between all of this? Does it depend in which element or flavor of life you enjoy the most?We can all agree that without work, funds, income and money the rest of life is not even possible. Work which leads to money, it is the fuel for fun and life.Are you a funaholic? Are you a workaholic? Are you an obsessive in a different realm?Is there a book you might be able to suggest to me on the subject for the "Balance of Life"Personally, my goal is to find a oneness and balance to life. Like a large pie, each element is a portion of the whole, and they each require varying levels of attention. What is the answer? Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the Balance of Life.