The Balance of Life

What exactly is the proper amount of balance in life between work, play, relationships, travel, family, fun, and all. Should there be defined boundaries between all of this? Does it depend in which element or flavor of life you enjoy the most?
We can all agree that without work, funds, income and money the rest of life is not even possible. Work which leads to money, it is the fuel for fun and life.
Are you a funaholic? Are you a workaholic? Are you an obsessive in a different realm?
Is there a book you might be able to suggest to me on the subject for the "Balance of Life"
Personally, my goal is to find a oneness and balance to life. Like a large pie, each element is a portion of the whole, and they each require varying levels of attention. What is the answer?
Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the Balance of Life.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Someone once told me I'm a rage-aholic. And it's true, I'm completely addicted to rage-ahol.
Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. They are all welcomed.

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