How hard should we TRY?

How hard should people have to work and try for things in life?
How much effort is deemed satisfactory for "hard work?"
Should things come naturally?
In one's personal life, how hard should you have to TRY to win the girl, date or relationship?
Should profesional business come to you or be sought out?
Do you ever get sick of trying?
Well in my personal opinion, sometimes yes, I do get tired of trying. I wish things in life just came to me more easily, for example personal business, fun, friends, relationships, and more. If you or I, is so fantastic, shouldn't they just come to us? For some people it does! Right? Like celebrities, successful business people, and more.
The only thing that comes naturally to me, is athletic prowess and moderate to good looks. Those are things that I don't have to try for.
How do you feel about trying? Do you? IS there ever fault or blame in honest trying. In my humble opinion, it is better to continue to make honest efforts and TRY for the specific items, people, things, and business deals, you care and desire, than to be lazy and sit by the wayside.
What do you think? As always let's be OPEN MINDFUL and comment away.


Anonymous said…
I wish athletic prowess and good looks came without trying for me. I have to try hard at EVERYTHING!
It's a competitive world for everything.

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