Open Mindful to BEAUTY?

What does the word BEAUTY and aura mean to you? Is there a way to define it? Does observance and ratings of BEAUTY differ from one person to the next? Probably so.
As OPEN MINDFUL individuals we ought to embrace a constant shift to changes in beauty. Is BEAUTY defined by age? For example in women from 18 to 35? For example in Men, is there a ceiling or window in which a man is to be deemed attractive, handsome and good looking? Is their a Cap for men?
Also in so far as diversity, how OPEN MINDFUL are we to diverse ethnicity, shapes, sizes, figures, skin tones, face structures, body types and more?
Have you mistakenly narrowed your view on BEAUTY to a certain type? For example a girl recently told me, she was only interested in physically short statured, darker looking men. What does the whole wide word of BEAUTY mean to you?
Hey it's a FREE COUNTRY, as this creation is a proud point to prove. You can like, Choose and GO FOR WHAT DESIRE! Isn't that in itself, a WONDERFUL way.
To summarize, today's mission is to WIDEN and continue to remain OPEN MINDFUL to the large realm and ever changing concepts of BEAUTY!


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