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Latest Adventures and Discoveries.....

As daily life continues in Manhattan, am continually impressed and enjoy the variety of life, neighborhoods, people and diversity that inhabit this region.

This past weekend, was able to locate a new section in the Tribeca neighborhood and enjoyed it. This particular section was just west and parallel of Greenwich street and just South of Canal. In comparisons to the bustle of other areas, the area was classy, relaxed, affluent, peaceful and surprisingly cool. I could have sworn to have seen Rivers Cuomo from Weezer at an outdoor cafe? The residents came across as sophisticated adults. In addition, there were also patches of cobblestones streets, as the Westside Highway and sunshine loomed, steps away. Perhaps I too, may one day posses the funds, work opportunity and desire to be a contributing element to the community and it's lifestyles?

During the weekend, after being invited via Facebook to a girl's music venue and show in Williamsburg, was pleased to attend. Having minimal…

A Beautiful Day for Freedom

As summer enters the home stretch here in New York City, by all accounts describeable, today was gorgeous! In all it's glory the city was actually a HAPPY, eclectic, fashionable, diverse, bustling, and international affair. Overall am continually impressed with its energy, problems, and entire life spectrums.

The immense and powerful rays of the sunshine beamed down below to us citizens on Planet Earth. The distinctive, adjacent neighborhoods play their roles well. Soho was an artsy, shopping, cafe filled trot. The edgy cool of Nolita continued to display a positive ambiance. Taking the king slice today, was Union Square. Despite it's sometime downtrodden feel, had a chic and inviting aura. It's location is a true compass for the island. From Union Square, East, West, North and South are all possible and interesting ventures.

The diversity is welcoming, and fantastic! I am almost spoiled with my ability to recognize it. A pretty girl was reading a foreign book, my gut said…

The Competitive Life...

As a youth growing up in Austin, Texas had an ideal, affluent and wonderful child hood and upbringing! During the course of growing up, was gifted with excellent schools, parenting, camps, friends and more.

One aspect that was very prominent was my and our family's participation in sports and team oriented events. The lessons and skills, learned from the athletic fields I feel should be recalled and injected back into present day life. The camaraderie and friendship of sports is positive and bonding. In addition, the thrill of live competition with an active audience is engaging, nerve racking and watchful. Also, the mentors and coaches were role model figures, often fun personalities, and disciplinarians as well.

I feel as though my competitive swagger in sports has waned in present day and not transferred to other areas in life. No, I will most likely not ever be, nor am a professional athlete. I was a college athlete though, that's true. Yet, the competitive fire, camaraderie…