The Competitive Life...

As a youth growing up in Austin, Texas had an ideal, affluent and wonderful child hood and upbringing! During the course of growing up, was gifted with excellent schools, parenting, camps, friends and more.

One aspect that was very prominent was my and our family's participation in sports and team oriented events. The lessons and skills, learned from the athletic fields I feel should be recalled and injected back into present day life. The camaraderie and friendship of sports is positive and bonding. In addition, the thrill of live competition with an active audience is engaging, nerve racking and watchful. Also, the mentors and coaches were role model figures, often fun personalities, and disciplinarians as well.

I feel as though my competitive swagger in sports has waned in present day and not transferred to other areas in life. No, I will most likely not ever be, nor am a professional athlete. I was a college athlete though, that's true. Yet, the competitive fire, camaraderie and quest for victory in the sports world are aspects of life that I would like to transfer to the current time and diverse fields entered upon today. Can we all agree this to this challenge and renewed vigor for competitive fire?

Life is a game, Win!!!


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