A Beautiful Day for Freedom

As summer enters the home stretch here in New York City, by all accounts describeable, today was gorgeous! In all it's glory the city was actually a HAPPY, eclectic, fashionable, diverse, bustling, and international affair. Overall am continually impressed with its energy, problems, and entire life spectrums.

The immense and powerful rays of the sunshine beamed down below to us citizens on Planet Earth. The distinctive, adjacent neighborhoods play their roles well. Soho was an artsy, shopping, cafe filled trot. The edgy cool of Nolita continued to display a positive ambiance. Taking the king slice today, was Union Square. Despite it's sometime downtrodden feel, had a chic and inviting aura. It's location is a true compass for the island. From Union Square, East, West, North and South are all possible and interesting ventures.

The diversity is welcoming, and fantastic! I am almost spoiled with my ability to recognize it. A pretty girl was reading a foreign book, my gut said it was Russian. I asked her and my instincts turned up right. A group walking behind me, coughed up some French language. I apologize, but their French language sounded like real coughing. This jab is intended sorely as an oberservational joke.

While enjoying and canvassing the day away in Manhattan, embraced the creativity, power, and freedom, freelancing work provides. It felt artistic, like a wand that could paint where it so desired! Opportunities like this freelancing one, real estate and any other, where creativity and boundless energy can prevail are welcomed. Got any more?

Do you enjoy the working and life freedom environments? Do you as the reader, seek comfort in being confined to a certain space, building or setting? It's nice to have options, right? Both and all are great, just being Open-Minded!


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