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Politics and Government are a huge business, entity and over riding presence in each individuals lives. No matter what country or region of the world you live in, the government plays an integral and powerful effect in your society, surroundings, and environment.

Most of us take this for granted and depending on our level on inter erst, just assume that everything is going smoothly and that other than voting, we have no real say in most situations. Well, as taxes are paid and decisions are made on local and national level, believe it is important for us to at least keep an eye and honest, open minded, opinion on the subjects. While we all have right to agree, or disagree, each person's voice should be respected and listened to.

Personally, at the moment, have no ambitions to run for any sort of office or be involved in the political arena. (suit and tie culture not my everyday thing) In America, believe the two party system has proved positive so far. The new developing Tea-Party …

America For Sale, we have room....

Well, July 4th has come and gone. The Midway point of the summer has passed. The Westisde Highway and fireworks were extravagant. My neighborhood was loaded with tourists and city dwellers. The entertainment and sky was lit up with color and patriotism. Yet for some reason, I wasn't that in to it! Really?

Perhaps it is because I had seen them before. Or perhaps my patriotism has waned. Don't get me wrong, I love the U.S.A and all its diversity, opportunities, land, people, culture and freedoms.

The idea of travel sounds positive. Maybe visiting other countries and seeing how FORTUNATE, we are will wake me up to the possibilities for wealth, happiness and opportunity that can arise here.

I am curious as to our nation's populations numbers. We have room for numerous foreigners, yet much of our lands and states are not deemed ATTRACTIVE enough to lure the exotic, wealthy foreigners. Our country could use a sales team. I think more and new people in the melting pot, from around…