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Are we OPEN MINDFUL to new & different CULTURES??

As an individual, do you personally feel your remaining OPEN MINDFUL to different lifestyles and cultures? Are you set in your ways? Are you stubborn?? Personally, I can describe experiencing first-hand a few select and special cities, countries and locations. For example, in Spain, the fashion, moped, coffee, siesta, and smoking cafe culture was quite prominent. In Spain instead of working a straight 9-5, they take a mid day siesta & lengthy pause from 1 to 3 pm. This siesta seemed to give the day a healthy break, before resuming in full economic force at 4pm with store re-openings and such. Is the siesta or mid day break something we in America, maybe could use a bit of?? Anther personal example would be daily break neck speed and constant energy of Manhattan. In so far as culture, it's best described as an immensely populated, cool, edgy, fun, professional, fashionable & lively island on "eight cups of coffee". Personally I truly enjoyed their "WALKING&…

OPEN MINDFUL to Life Long Commitment???

Our subject today is the worldwide institution of marriage between 2 people. Either Traditional Straight or Gay or Whatever?? Do you still believe in institutional marriage? Is it a beneficial thing? Is it the Answer we're all striving for?? Does it improve the overall quality of life? Is Marriage, Something to be Avoided?? Is it simply a "stage" of life?? OR do you feel with the sheer number of attractive people worldwide that entertaining the field, dating, and remaining OPEN minded to the market and NEW people is preferable?? In another marriage version and model, I think in the Mormon religion and faith, with marriage comes MULTIPLE wives for a husband. This method of marriage with multiple wives also seems to be able to produce and sustain a family. Are the others versions of life long partnerships and commitment , I'm leaving out?? If so, feel free to comment and chime in. If there are, it would be great to be enlightened. It would be welcoming to learn of…