Are we OPEN MINDFUL to new & different CULTURES??

As an individual, do you personally feel your remaining OPEN MINDFUL to different lifestyles and cultures? Are you set in your ways? Are you stubborn?? Personally, I can describe experiencing first-hand a few select and special cities, countries and locations. For example, in Spain, the fashion, moped, coffee, siesta, and smoking cafe culture was quite prominent. In Spain instead of working a straight 9-5, they take a mid day siesta & lengthy pause from 1 to 3 pm. This siesta seemed to give the day a healthy break, before resuming in full economic force at 4pm with store re-openings and such. Is the siesta or mid day break something we in America, maybe could use a bit of?? Anther personal example would be daily break neck speed and constant energy of Manhattan. In so far as culture, it's best described as an immensely populated, cool, edgy, fun, professional, fashionable & lively island on "eight cups of coffee". Personally I truly enjoyed their "WALKING" culture. I never drove a car there in 5 years! I never even had a driver's license. Should we in the rest of CARMERICA, embrace the walking culture? A Healthier, More Beautiful, Friendly, Engaging and Genuine Lifestyle? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to the walking culture? Lastly, the Southern & Western USA's culture is still similar to the manifest destiny mantra. This regions appears to have a bold thirst for land, motor vehicles, food, dining, space, real estate, and technology. For example here in Texas and in visits to California, car use is strongly encouraged and basically required. Also, there is a general yearning for MORE SPACE in ALL aspects of the city and beyond! LARGER homes, Large Bedrooms, Bigger Pools, and More Grand Parks, Bigger Eating Portions, Taller Beverages. Is this car, space, and land culture the ideal??
Do you have any cultures, you've witnessed and enjoyed that you would like to COMMENT, LEAVE and SHARE with us?? Are we missing something?? Can we adapt our cultures and improve?? Are we remaining OPEN MINDFUL to new ideas, suggestions and possibilities? As always thanks for your time, thoughts, & freedom of speech.


Anonymous said…
great post. You ask a good question.
Anonymous said…
tell me more about the wider lakes observation.
Anonymous said…
The lakes in Austin are all pretty narrow.
Anonymous said…
Maybe we should ENWIDEN lake Austin???
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
this is terrible writing. please stop this blog. There are on two kinds of people that leave New York: those that cannot hack it and those that cannot afford it. which kind were you?

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