The "Instant Gratification" Culture

In our current American Culture and society there tends be an "instant gratification" way of living. Would you agree our present day, Modern culture leans toward "instant gratification." If not, how would you better describe it?
I too, am guilty of this me, now, make it happen culture. For example we as a society are:
willing to eat fast food
we avoid lengthy lines
we can't handle car traffic
we want our waiters attentive and speedy.
In business, we always ask for a quick response.
We hope for immediate successful dates and nights out.
The social media avenues always display instant, up to the latest minute info.
Television proclaims to, "be right back"
The message today is to embrace and run with this "instant gratification" culture, because in my gut feel it is here to stay! Even people in sleepy towns, have probably noticed this uptick in society, media, people and culture. Yet, we should also be, OPEN MINDFUL to patience, thoughtful decisions, budgets, and the fact that some things in life are worth the wait. Would you agree with this?
Are you the reader an "instant gratification" type or, a plodder, numbers, slow, careful person?
Let's be both!


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