Read your way through it.

Are you a READER? Do you enjoy the act of reading? Or do you consider reading a chore, and mindlessly wander through paragraphs?
Personally, I am not an avid reader. I'm a sucker for watching Television and the visual stimulation and movement it creates. I do not read books and literature for joy and entertainment. Sorry Harry Potter fans. The thought of trying to read a novel of over 300 pages, sounds like a criminal sentence and detention. Some people are really into it, which is respected no doubt. Although personally it's not my bag, I am OPEN MINDFUL to the act of reading.
For example I actually purchased and paid for a paperback book today. Really. It was a "self-help" book called "Adulting." I was thinking this "Adulting" book may have some valid points about becoming more of a grown-up, well rounded citizen. I am a man, so now I guess, I have to become an adult. Oh the inevitable. Recently my straight shooter, solid, lawyer, and wise opinionated uncle challenged me to become more of a "grown-up." I reluctantly accepted & agreed to try. In real life one of my goals is to retain leisure freedom & become a successful adult, sans the marriage component. We digress off topic.
Moving along, so are you a READER? You must at least physically be able to read, if your eyes are cruising through this OPEN MINDFUL blog creation. I genuinely appreciate you and your comments as always! This exact blog is ranked #1 on google's keyword Open Mindful searches, and has been for a couple years.
Reading is an important aspect of life on Earth. Most of the street signs in cities are in english and require reading. Magazines, Newspapers, Emails, Text Messages, Iphone Applications, Real Estate Contracts, and numerous more life aspects require reading. It is a must!
Sometimes, I jump through reading, because of my moderate liking of it. I was never a "bookworm" like our elementary school librarian so wanted us to be. I do enjoy reading Twitter messages, but those are concise, quick and 140 characters or less. I feel the need to be more OPEN MINDFUL to reading my way through life. Reading is good for your brain. There is ample evidence to suggest this. Click here to read this support for reading.
So whether you enjoy reading for entertainment, or as a means to work, live and get things done, both personalities are okay. Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to the effect of how reading can selfishly IMPROVE YOUR BODY AND LIFE IN GENERAL. Let's all be better people, why not?


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