Can you handle it?

Sometimes in life we get our way. Sometimes in life we don't. Can you handle both outcomes?
Obviously life, work, relationships, business, and sports are more FUN and ENJOYABLE when things do go your way. I mean, we as humans strive to be right, helpful, successful and have everything turn up roses! It is quite NICE when things do go our way. For example, when the business you were seeking, successfully closes and produces income. Another example, would be having the "girl of your dreams" or the one you really like, actually like you back. Reciprocal love is ideal. Another example is when playing athletic sports, the ball and point turns advantageous for you, and the opponent suffers loss.
So yes it is fantastic when things do go our way!
But, Can you handle it, when things do NOT go your way?
How does it make you feel, when your girlfriend dumps you for another? When the object of your adoring affection, chooses a different person. How do you feel when the business you were seeking, enlists a competitor or different company right in your face? How do you feel, when your sport and athlletic opponent crushes you in defeat? Can you handle it?
As an OPEN MINDFUL readership, my advice and philosophy is to continue to strive for your goals, & overall happiness. At least in America we are taught to DREAM BIG. Yes, DREAM BIG, but remain OPEN MINDFUL, and positive in life, when things don't go your way. It happens to the best of us. How do you think Michael Jordan felt at the end of his playing career when, while with the Washington Wizards, he was NOT the best player anymore? Focus on that which you can control. Don't worry over things, you are unable to influence. If deep down inside, personally, you felt you have done all you could to make the best happen, then you won't look back with regret. Regret sucks, you don't want regret.
Moving forward, learn how to handle it. Like the Eagles band and song, "Get Over It." Improve. Mix it up. Learn More. Get Better. In business, become more educated in your craft. Personally, hit the gym, grab some sun, acquire new clothes, go healthy.
How do you feel about this? Can you handle it?


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