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Are you a Routine Person? Do you live and present your image to the world via a formula? Or are you an open minded, almost chameleon like actor whom is willing to try NEW LOOKS?The goal of this post, is to remind people to be OPEN MINDFUL. Today's subject is your own damn image. Yes this entry is about you the reader! The person whom you wake up, sleep with and are always walking around as. Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to NEW LOOKS.For example, high school culture is a decent intro. There were different categories, for example the preps, skaters, jocks, cheerleaders, slackers, cowboys, nerds, bookworms, smokers, band folks, class clowns, hipsters, thespians, and more. Which one were you? Did that work?Moving FORWARD to 18 and up adult culture, we have similar classes and groups as well. For exmaple, the Suit and Tie Financial professionals, the tattoo t-shirt Creative advertising guys, the Real Estate crew in their showy luxury cars, the modest normal teachers, the alternative lookin…

The DRUG Experience

What is your opinion on DRUGS? Both legal and illegal. Are you a straight shooter whom dis approves of them in their entirety? Or are you a bit OPEN MINDFUL to recreational drugs for seldom fleeting occasions and recreational social use.I mean if you think about America's legal vices, there are plenty of things worse than drugs. For example lets look at tobacco cigarettes, currently a legal over the counter product PROVEN to cause lung cancer, yellowing of teeth, throat cancer and a plethora of diseases, oh yea and their addictive too. Alcohol is not much better as it deteriorates your liver, is a diuretic and just gives you a date with the nearest bathroom stall. It's an average buzz, don't you think?What are your thoughts on marijuana? Although personally, I am not a fan at all, am OPEN MINDFUL to other humans choices, likes, and enjoyments. I believe it is currently LEGAL in multiple states, Colorado, Washington and perhaps will be legal and TAXED in all 50 states, by …

What is your VERSION of GREAT?

It is possible that each individual person has a different version of what defines GREAT for them. For example, as a single younger adult man, great to me is complete health, plenty of money and attention/love from girls and women. Do agree with this?In another example, while at a cocktail session with older humans, they talked about how some people, really enjoy the peacefulness, quiet, calm and nothingness to do that comes with country life. Again, they described how people honestly enjoy living in the country, hearing no noises, and having no nightlife or entertainment. Is this you?Perhaps, your a "family" person, and your version of great includes your children, spouse and their events. Furthermore kids, sleepovers, soccer games, disney movies, and whatever else family dynamics are.Perhaps your version of great involves, travel. For example a weekend flight, getaway, hotels, new people, culture and surroundings. I think this version of great is cool too.Overall let's…