Are you a Routine Person? Do you live and present your image to the world via a formula? Or are you an open minded, almost chameleon like actor whom is willing to try NEW LOOKS?
The goal of this post, is to remind people to be OPEN MINDFUL. Today's subject is your own damn image. Yes this entry is about you the reader! The person whom you wake up, sleep with and are always walking around as. Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to NEW LOOKS.
For example, high school culture is a decent intro. There were different categories, for example the preps, skaters, jocks, cheerleaders, slackers, cowboys, nerds, bookworms, smokers, band folks, class clowns, hipsters, thespians, and more. Which one were you? Did that work?
Moving FORWARD to 18 and up adult culture, we have similar classes and groups as well. For exmaple, the Suit and Tie Financial professionals, the tattoo t-shirt Creative advertising guys, the Real Estate crew in their showy luxury cars, the modest normal teachers, the alternative looking vagabond chefs, the super casual loafer student look, etc.
Recently a friend's younger brother reminded me his formula of "if its not broke, don't fix it." A very Valid point too. So if you've been voted PEOPLE'S sexist male or female in the world, this open minded suggestion to change is not for you. Your winning, but for the rest of us, just like life, let's tinker, experiment, try and remain Open mindful to a NEW LOOK.
Personally in my earth life tenure, have experimented with looks ranging from jock prep, to skinny model hipster, to lower east side looking slouch with dredlocked hair, to clean shaved wholesome buzzcut, to today's current attempt, the working surfer youthful trendster montage. Whatever. Enjoy Life! Every day is anew day. Mix it up and keep it fresh! What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Being open minded is the key to success ! When you stereotype yourself, it's limiting. Being able to adapt into any environment is very important.

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