The DRUG Experience

What is your opinion on DRUGS? Both legal and illegal. Are you a straight shooter whom dis approves of them in their entirety? Or are you a bit OPEN MINDFUL to recreational drugs for seldom fleeting occasions and recreational social use.
I mean if you think about America's legal vices, there are plenty of things worse than drugs. For example lets look at tobacco cigarettes, currently a legal over the counter product PROVEN to cause lung cancer, yellowing of teeth, throat cancer and a plethora of diseases, oh yea and their addictive too. Alcohol is not much better as it deteriorates your liver, is a diuretic and just gives you a date with the nearest bathroom stall. It's an average buzz, don't you think?
What are your thoughts on marijuana? Although personally, I am not a fan at all, am OPEN MINDFUL to other humans choices, likes, and enjoyments. I believe it is currently LEGAL in multiple states, Colorado, Washington and perhaps will be legal and TAXED in all 50 states, by the time I'm at grandfather age. Why not? I'm for it and don't care. Are you?
Moving along how do you feel about cocaine or coke? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to this one? Ever tried it? I personally have seen the dangers of addiction to this drug. I had an ex-girlfriend, who struggled with this, and through her strength and professional help, was able to come clean. Sometimes on dates, she would mention her dependence and problems with the substance. Problems aside, just for simple, sparse recreational use, it's probably okay, a couple times in your life. It's been known to "wake people" up and to keep the "extended party going".
Which drugs am I missing, probably tons, but I'm getting tired of writing. So share your OPEN MINDFUL comments and outlook on DRUGS, both legal and non. Let's follow the laws and rules, but also be OPEN MINDFUL to change.


REE19 said…
Interesting subject, of course. I say If you have the money and the time is right, why not ? My stance on drugs is open, always has been. You know some people want to know everything, some don't care to know much, and others are happy with what life has already given them. It's no secret that drugs "open your mind" that what's so alluring. So who am I to say that someone's decision is wrong ? Learning is what humans do, whether someone finds what they want in drugs, life experiences, heartbreak, death, food, sex, music.. Oh all that sounds great ! I'm definitely open mindful. Now should we make these drugs legal ? Sure. Less competition for me.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?
Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming. Let it ou!
Anonymous said…
You should try meth. You seem like a meth guy.
Anonymous said…
Heroin (other opiates ie: OxyContin, oxycodone, Vicodin, norco, fentanyl, etc), benzodiazepines (aka "benzo's, ie: Xanax, klonopin, Valium), methamphetamine (seen Breaking Bad?), hallucinogens (LSD, shrooms, San Pedro). So much more

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