What is your VERSION of GREAT?

It is possible that each individual person has a different version of what defines GREAT for them. For example, as a single younger adult man, great to me is complete health, plenty of money and attention/love from girls and women. Do agree with this?
In another example, while at a cocktail session with older humans, they talked about how some people, really enjoy the peacefulness, quiet, calm and nothingness to do that comes with country life. Again, they described how people honestly enjoy living in the country, hearing no noises, and having no nightlife or entertainment. Is this you?
Perhaps, your a "family" person, and your version of great includes your children, spouse and their events. Furthermore kids, sleepovers, soccer games, disney movies, and whatever else family dynamics are.
Perhaps your version of great involves, travel. For example a weekend flight, getaway, hotels, new people, culture and surroundings. I think this version of great is cool too.
Overall let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to what your version of GREAT may be. Tomorrow it may change. So what is your version of GREAT? Thanks for sharing and for your heartfelt comments.


Anonymous said…
My version of great is being fully self expressed creatively through relationships, art, dance ... Whatever it may b that given day :) Also - enjoying blooming wherever I'm planted, meeting new people, and staying open to the possibilities of NOW. All in all - being a good friend, daughter, girlfriend, sister, granddaughter, aunt, etc.. Is what ultimately brings me the most fulfilment / joy.
Great Comment. You could guest write anytime!
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Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed traveling to Europe this summer. To me, that was great. I met a lot of new people, was spontaneous and took many more risks than I normally do back home. I felt free! Great, I suppose, will be trying live that way at home and not just whole traveling.

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