What is your PERSONALITY mode or preference?

In so far as people, does PERSONALITY really matter? DO you care at all about a friend, family member or significant other's personality? Yes, No, Maybe So?
I was for sure not a psychology major, but am OPEN MINDFUL to giving this a try.
In so far as personality modes, is one more preferential or desirable than any other? For example;
The Carefree easy going funny type? The serious, drama, cool person mode? The negative anti-hero persona? The sunny, positive, opportunistic positive face?
With whom do you enjoy spending time with, in so far as personality types? With whom do enjoy life around more? Is their a BEST personality type?
Overall, as a single male, looks and attractiveness always overide personality, but I would rank it a very strong #2. I mean, when is the last time you were physically at Bookpeople, or in line at the Grocery store, and saw a women's magazine highlighting PERSONALITY. They ought to create one! This seems to be a shame, because, girls and women can often have WONDERFUL personalities, sweetness, kindness, humor, likes, cultural insights and more. For example as evidenced recently at the Golden Globes Award Show, when celebrities' Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were broad-casted as hosts with a dynamic & comedic style.
As always, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to each other thoughts and opinions, as we discuss the ROLE of PERSONALITY, in life, business, relationships, the world and all!


Anonymous said…
i like blacks
Anonymous said…
My personality consists of using way too many commas and capitalizing random words.
Anonymous said…
Every personality has a positive and negative. The carefree,easygoing, entertaining, funny type will turn out to be a complete airhead at times...which is not very funny or entertaining.
Thanks for the comments on the relevance and factors of personality. Keep them coming!

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