Learning the Open Mindful....

Today's subject is education, knowledge, and the continual growth of your brain power.
It seems as adults, sometimes we feel that LEARNING is just for the youthful generation and that by this point, adults ought to have it figured out, and be content to merely educate and drop "experience" on others.
It is my opinion that learning should never stop! From elementary to high school, to university and BEYOND, let's be open mindful to letting education continue.
As we know, not all knowledge is book smart, in fact a large amount of success and professional progress is learned in the real world fields and trenches. This practical, marketplace knowledge is gained throughout the working world, along with valuable "street smarts."
So how do you feel? Are you done with your education? Or can this entry encourage you and myself for sure included to remain OPEN MINDFUL to continued education, learning and brain improvements.


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