What is your HOBBY-ville?

Today's subject is HOBBIES.
Are you OPEN MINDFUL to new activities and types of hobbies. We can all agree, that at least as adults, earning an income, working, paying bills & taxes is of paramount life importance. Yet once the bills are paid, the work is complete, and the day and night is still moving, what do you like to do?
For example, some of my personal favorites hobbies are biking, sports, swimming, social media, blogging, basketball, nightlife, watching television, along with reading the abc and nytimes news applications on my iphone.
What are your favorites hobbies? Any suggestions for us readers? Perhaps are you in a rut, or routine and feel the need to discover brave brand new leisure activities? For example, do you wish you were healthier, viewed more art, did yoga, or perhaps took more mini-vacations?
Although, we each as individuals prefer our own hobbies, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to new activies in Hobbyville. We could be missing out? You will never know unless you actually try and do.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i collect spores molds and fungus
Interesting comments...Personally i would skip all three of your suggestions...yet am still OPEN MINDFUL some better hobby suggestions will surface...

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