Would you ever Volunteer? Give to Charity?

As fellow Americans, we tend to gravitate towards the capitalistic & monetary lifestyle. In our constant working efforts to "keep up with the Jones'" we purchase new cars, homes, clothes, jewelry, bikes, boats, and more. All in thoughts, this is what life is about. We hope to make our lives happier, while presenting a healthy image. I too, am very guilty of this culture and enjoy working and earning money. Don't you? Although there was a previous time period where I did live off of unemployment checks in NYC for 1.5 years.. That was a unique and surprisingly superb period of my life too actually. Ask me, I'll tell ya about it.
Moving along and forward to our subject....
So once all of this wealth, success, and more is achieved, what is the more legit, honest, integrity filled way to manage our time?
Currently I do not, but should we? Do you? Any suggestions or organizations for me? What is your favorite non-profit organizations and why? Does charitable work make you a better person and soul? Is charity just for social networking or tax write offs?
Whether we're flush, in the chips, or just getting by, I suggest, we as a society remain OPEN MINDFUL to charities, non-profits, and volunteering for just causes we feel improve the earth and society!


Anonymous said…
So, while living in Manhattan, New York City, New York, you were a Leech.
Yes, 1.5 years in Manhattan, I lived off unemployment. This is blog is a creation from that time period and lives on today.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
If you are serious about volunteering, I would suggest Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

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