Open Mindful to New Cities? Travel?

Recently I embarked with one female former girlfriend and her bi-sexual female friend on a ROAD TRIP throughout a portion of the United States of America. We left Austin, Texas and began a trek through Houston, Texas, with a final destination being, New Orleans, Louisiana. Overall, it is a solid 8 hour excursion by quality automobile each way. As a full time, licensed real estate agent in Texas, working primarily in Austin, Texas, feel it is healthy to sometimes travel. It was enjoyable to witness the cultural and different diverse city layouts of other large metropolitan areas, during the driving trip. Are you OPEN MINDFUL to travel? Would you move to another city? Are you "married" to one particular place? Remember, we as Americans, have many freedoms, and we have the right to live in ANY location within the 50 total states. Yes there are 50. In my opinion, Houston, Texas was large, classy, tall, and expansive. There is no zoning there, so the urban landscape is schizophrenic with tall residential & commercial buildings. There are also various roads popping up in random places. It is a definite CAR CULTURE city. There is ample shopping, restaurants, condo projects and more. I was surprised that the Downtown scene was so tepid with activity as there were few people residing there. Overall though, Houston was positive, clean and I would for sure go back. New Orleans was fantastically Cajun, fun, edgy, fashionable, walk-able and great! The French Quarter reminded me fondly of the East & West Villages in Manhattan, NYC. There is Historic French Architecture, weird & Unique shops, with tons of tourists cruising past on the intimate streets. Also the New Orleans Downtown District was a bit more welcoming and vibrant. It felt like the capitol of the Southeast USA, minus Miami, Florida. So are we, Open Mindful to Travel? Do you recommend favorably any new cities? Thanks for reading and sharing.


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