Open Mindful to having FUN?

What is the best method, avenue, outlet and way to have FUN? For example, FUN to me, is a lengthy, entertaining, heavily populated, loud music driven, adventurous night, with ample "scenery", legal debauchery, and a slice of the unknown. During my 5 years of daily & nightly life in NYC, and currently Austin, Texas, this above scenario proves to be true & amazing as well. I have ridiculous stories of fantastic, that I may take to the grave. The nightlife, search, people, city action and randomness of it all is fun to me! What is your ideal description of FUN? Maybe Fun to you, is an exotic travel loaded trip or vacation? Perhaps Fun to you, is reading a riveting Book? Perhaps Fun to you, is a hike, bike or run in the nature covered outdoors? Perhaps fun to you, involves a night with best friends? Maybe FUN to you is the traditional entertainment of dinner and a movie? Thanks for sharing your comments! No matter what your ideal definition of fun is, we as a SOCIETY should remain OPEN MINDFUL to changing forms of fun. Don't you think? What you or I believe entails Fun today, may quickly change tomorrow or in the future years to come. What if undiscovered, there is a method of healthy, positive fun that I am unaware of? If so, please share, this would be something I would like to learn, and hear more about. Best Life Wishes!


Anonymous said…
M J Pittman said…
Being fully occupied in any kind of creative endeavor -- especially when it involves and benefits all involved.
Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming.
Anonymous said…
Austin or NYC more "fun"????
Anonymous said…
George Vance McGee, really enjoy the blog. I’d be interested in an OPEN MINDFUL discussion of this article. I thought the article was insightful, provocative, interesting, perceptive, polarizing, and informative. Prior in advance thanks!

Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends"
I think Fun is simply relative to your geographic location. For example, the Beach is fun for Coastal people? For City Slickers it Food, Nightlife, Music, For country folks, it's nature, quiet and the stars in the sky
Anonymous said…
still say meth

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