Brazen Confidence vs. Sublty Meek

Do you prefer your fellow humans to be blazing with CONFIDENCE or to carry a subtle MEEK tone?
For example, Muhammad Ali would be a prime example of the alpha male, with supreme confidence. Muhammad Ali, for the younger folks was arguably the best sporting boxer of all time. Ali, verbally reminded us of his glory in front of the cameras and microphones often. Throughout life, his supreme confidence, glowing humorous personality, and athletic prowess was backed up. He was man whom could, "talk the talk & also walk the walk". Ali's outlandish confidence was not a deterrent. He was a popular American favorite in society.
An example of a powerful meek personality, would be perhaps one of the greatest golfers of all time, the lefty Phil Mickelson. While his counter part, Tiger Woods was the Media, Nike Logo man, Phil pleasantly took a back-seat. While Tiger Woods pumped his fist, stared down opponents, and eventually was outed as a womaninzng porn loving adulterer, Phil simply continued to play golf, win majors, and answer honestly at press conferences. I would consider Phil Mickelson a meek personality role-model for people of all ages.
The reason I ask if our OPEN MINDFUL readership prefer the CONFIDENT man to the MEEK man, is I, myself, wonder whom to pattern my own life after. Should I be the outgoing, brazen confident man, or the subtle giant? Personally there are times and moments where I feel like the tallest, friendliest, most handsome man on the planet. The talented gift to the world, here to help, serve and enjoy. In addition, there are times where I feel a subtle meek tone and inner confidence, would be more effective and happily embraced. I compare these sentiments to a gifted actor, who does not tell the world and critics, he is a worthy actor, but let's his craft, performances and awards provide the evidence for him. Daniel Day-Lewis is the leading example of this. Daniel Day impeccably studies for his roles, performs, wins the Oscar statue & then proceeds back into humble obscurity.
Obviously as a grown man, I write on this subject from a male perspective. I would guess this article would vary with a female author. Which is fine too.
Personally, I admire confidence, decision making and independence in women. On a random societal note, why do women always seem to gather and run in packs? I don't mind looking at beautiful female packs, but trying to engage in conversation with more than 6 is a challenge.
Moving along, on the personality subject of Confidence versus Meek, how do you prefer your humans? Like a steak being cooked to completion at either rare or well done, either choice is allowed.
Thanks for your time, and suggestions. Peace. Hopefully your answers will enlighten our OPEN MINDFUL fans.


Ahkenaten Kor said…
For me, it's easier to be meek and humble when I'm at work. I'm being paid and have to be courteous towards others. When I'm off duty or dealing with my investments, I'm extremely confident and brash, letting what ever emotions I have out. It seems as though I'm more comfortable being confident when there's no chance of me getting fired :)
Thanks for the comment. Keep the "open mindful' thoughts flowing.

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