Well, it has come time to put up or shut up I'm afraid. Perhaps this may be a tad bit drastic yet, on this wave we call, "life," yet those are the current thoughts of the moment.

In so far as a week in review, overall, it has again been relatively positive. I've had better, believe me! Some of my weeks here, have been ridiculously fun and amazing. In comparison to the rest of the citizen folk, feel in general my life stories and experiences fare more fruitful and colorful than others.

In essence, I'm in kind of an identity where abouts and conundrum. For the present, am still a licensed real estate agent in Texas, yet do LIVE in New York City, which I adore! Now, that the weather is wonderful and summer is arriving on the island, have no desire to abandon it. The continuation of being in the parks, sitting in the cafes, and stores, enjoying the nightlife and visiting with people from around the world, is too splendid.

So the questions is, what is my role here in the city and perhaps world? How do I fit in? Am I a model and actor, an office and corporate role type, nightlife or promoter, real estate agent, customer service guy, media player and writer, or perhaps a position in the fashion industry? The beauty is that there are lots of options here. The major advantage is being naturally born and raised as an American citizen.

You have to want it and go for it.

I met two gentlemen visiting from Australia today in the East Village. They were on vacation, yet WISHED, they had a green card to live and work here. This made me feel proud, and kind of like a slacker?

As this youth continues to ride in the balance, am hopeful and delighted to see it's growth and future. A few key aspects of life that should be appreciated involve improvement, enjoyment, responsibility, caring and thoughtfulness. This I believe is true.


Anonymous said…
You are the lamest person I know, please stop being creepy! You are an obvious poser!
--Your friend, not as douchey as you.

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