The LOVE game.

Love is a strong word, don't you think? I do, and use it very, very, very, rarely. Almost never actually. How often do you throw the L word around?
It can be dangerous. Speaking from a male perspective, it can almost be used like a weapon. For example, using the L word with a girlfriend or potential spouse may be that sharp dagger or "ace in the hole" which puts your relationship over the top or dare I say, gets her back? Hmmm.
Personally, in my life, I've had 3 different girlfriend relationships for 1 year in healthy duration, of which the L word was not used, at least on my end. I do not vividly recall ever using this L word with the girlfriends. I may have a couple times with these fine girls in a drunken stupor haze, or out of guilt. It is my opinion, that the word love, should be used only when spoken from the heart.
Moving forward, other than humans. What else is there to Love? What do you Love?
Would you say you love your job? Do you love your health? Do you love your family? Do you love your religion? Do you love your city? Do you love yourself?
Do you love a certain type of food? Do you love your hobbies? Can you love a possession or thing? For example, an heirloom antique, a childhood trophy, a framed meaningful picture.
Yes, I am OPEN MINDFUL to the concept of LOVE. It can happen! If fact, I once knew a spectacular, beautiful and fun person with the words "Believe in Love" tattooed on her legs. This person also introduced me to the Killers and Bloc Party. Solid indie-rock bands. Thanks!
I think we should at minimum be OPEN MINDFUL to the connotations, feelings and requirements that are attached to the word LOVE. Yet, please listen carefully when I advise to not cave in to using the L word. It is not a peer pressure item. Also, let's please not overuse the L-word and water down its powers. That goes for both and all sexes. Only use it, if your really feeling it. Let's all agree to use the word LOVE with just sincere honesty and genuine intentions. What do you think?
I think I love SPORTS, does that count?


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